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Pingyao Ancient Town

Pingyao 平遥, located in Shanxi 山西 Province (not Shaanxi 陕西, where Xi’an and the Terracotta Warriors are), has been on my list of ‘must-see’ places in China ever since the list began. (Haerbin Ice Festival & Huangshan-Yellow Mountain are still on it).  So with a ready traveling companion and I already making the trip to […]

Streetside Education in India

March 2, 2009 | Learning through Foreign Cultures, Tourism | by TofflerN

Before I went to India I had heard about internet-connected computers being installed in outside walls in some of India’s major slums.  Known at the “hole in the wall experiment,” the project was initially a test to see if children’s aptitude for learning combined with computers could help illiterate children learn to read.  The test […]

Videos from India

February 7, 2009 | Learning through Foreign Cultures, Tourism, Traveling | by TofflerN

The first video was shot in Varanasi, a Hindu Holy city situated along the Ganges in UP province.  It was taken during the 7pm Arti festival which celebrates the life-giving river.  You can see the production that’s put on and the crowd it attracts. [HTML1] ——————————————– The second video was shot (somewhat illegally) inside the […]

Time Zones

While I think most people know China is all on one timezone.  But a recent post on Wired mentioning both my home state (AZ) and my current country (China), necessitated a reposting. So here goes comparing Arizona’s and China’s timezone craziness. Arizona is confused about daylight-saving The state of Arizona doesn’t observe Daylight Saving Time. […]

Reflections on the Olympics

Despite my doubts whether Beijing would pull off a successful Olympics and the controversy over free press, human rights, the Opening Ceremony, and other issues, in my opinion, China hosted an amazing Olympics. The skies were blue, there were large tracks of greenery, the Olympic Green was very attractive, traffic was not a problem, the […]

Only 4 Days till the Opening Ceremony

The Beijing 2008 Olympics will start in 4 days!! As of this morning, my plane tickets to Beijing are bought and in hand!  I have a place to stay and the promise of Olympics Games’ tickets.  Beijing Olympics, here I come!!! I’ll be in Beijing from the evening of August 14th to the morning of […]

More (paranoid) Security

As of yesterday all the food & drink vendors and retail outlets in and around Shanghai’s subway stations have cleared out their inventory and closed.  No more grabbing breakfast in the subway station for me.  :(  They’ve even put tape over the doors to make sure no one sneaks anything inside.  Some larger, more established […]

Video of Spanish faux pas

May 20, 2008 | Learning through Foreign Cultures, Uncategorized | by TofflerN

I made another video for my job, this time showcasing Spanish language faux pas. Yes, it’s a script and yes, it’s meant to be a joke. The explanation is below. [HTML1] Girl: Oh, you want me to say it in Spanish. Alright. Bueno. Creo que soy bastante fluida. ENGLISH: Good. I believe I’m quite fluid. […]

T_bet – This is ridiculous

The whole situation with T_bet has gotten out of hand.  From the blocking of Google News and Youtube to the San Francisco torch protests, and the closing of the Nepal-T_bit border, including stationing Chinese security forces in Kathmandu (talk about national sovereignty & autonomy that China values so highly), to Chinese attacking Chinese who support […]