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Network Marketing in China

March 14, 2009 | Business Climate, China News, Entrepreneurship & Business | by TofflerN

I’ve signed up on a site where people can ask questions about traveling to different places and have them answered by locals, as a way to get the real feel for the place.  Besides the obvious and just plain stupid questions (do I, as an American, need a visa to China), some people have started […]

More (paranoid) Security

As of yesterday all the food & drink vendors and retail outlets in and around Shanghai’s subway stations have cleared out their inventory and closed.  No more grabbing breakfast in the subway station for me.  :(  They’ve even put tape over the doors to make sure no one sneaks anything inside.  Some larger, more established […]

Status of Olympics Tourism

This article published this last week on Yahoo, entitled Olympics could be a bust for Beijing hotels, confirms many of my predictions: China has spent a reported $40 billion on new infrastructure and stunning venues, hoping to impress visitors with a modern city when the games begin Aug. 8. But the lack of reservations could […]

Facebook and Internet Companies in China

As Facebook looks to its Chinese users to translate the site into Chinese, the expectation is that Facebook will soon enter the Chinese market. Facebook tried to enter China previously through acquisition of an existing Chinese social network but nothing came of the negotiations. Will Facebook have more luck this time? Or better yet, will […]

Doing Business in China is even Harder than you can Imagine

I recently heard a story about a German-owned travel company in Shanghai from a friend who works there.  The company has been operational in Shanghai for 5-10years.  When the company started, China forbid foreign-owned travel businesses so the company operated as a ‘consultant’ who just also occasionally booked trips.  (Note: This has changed somewhat since […]

My new Favorite Chinese Airline is China Southern!

November 8, 2007 | Business Climate, Knowledge and Experiences, Traveling | by TofflerN

In my air travels both domestically within China and internationally on Chinese airlines, I have been incredibly disappointed.  After yesterday’s flight on China Southern, I realized I didn’t need to be disappointed with all Chinese airlines, just China Eastern and Air China, because China Southern does a great job and does things ‘right’ where the […]

Not all that glitters is gold in China tourism

February 10, 2007 | Business Climate, Entrepreneurship & Business, Tourism, Uncategorized | by TofflerN

As I mentioned in the blog below, there are certainly issues that need to be worked out in China’s travel/tourism industry.  In the following article, these are elaborated on, even to the point of suggesting they are real problems that could undermine China’s ability to grow its tourism industry. Tourism Skills Shortage in China […]

Contract Negotiations

Having read numerous books and articles on contract negotiations in China, I thought I had a good familiarity with the process…until it came time to negotiate my own (employment) contract.  A common theme among literature discussing contract negotiations in China is after all the issues had been discussed and settled, the Chinese partner comes back […]

Old Cars in China

October 26, 2006 | Business Climate, Knowledge and Experiences, Uncategorized | by TofflerN

It’s very curious to look around Shanghai and marvel at the fact the cars are all old. Well to be accurate, the cars themselves aren’t actually very old. Since there weren’t many passenger cars in China before the 1970s or 1980s, there aren’t (m)any truly old cars. It’s just that the body styles are very […]