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Pyramids to Petra: The Dead Sea and Madaba (Amman)

January 26, 2008, by TofflerN, category Tourism, Traveling, Uncategorized

Leaving Petra, we drove along the King’s Highway north through Jordan to Karak Castle, an old fort used by the Crusaders to recapture the Holy Land during the Middle Ages. It was a strategic location as the castle was probably only about 80km from Jerusalem.

The Dead Sea

After Karak Castle, we saw Lot’s wife. This biblical story is now immortalized in a rock pillar on a cliff high above the Dead Sea. For lunch, we went to a Dead Sea resort and took a dip in that most salty of bodies of water. In fact, it’s not totally dead as 2 species of bacteria and 1 species of algae live in the water. The Dead Sea is also famous for its beauty products and I succumed and bought some.

Next we went to Mount Nebo, where Moses died just after bringing the Israelites to the Promised Land. Then we finished our drive, ending in Madaba, a suburb of Jordan’s capital, Amman.

Madaba is famous for its Byzantine Mosaics, particularly the ancient map of the area including Jerusalem. Not to let you down, we did see what’s left of this Mosaic in the St. George Church, commonly referred to as the Map Church. Besides that we saw a number of other mosaics, including other Byzantine and even earlier Roman ones in the Archaeological Park in Madaba as well as more modern ones in the church.

Mosaic Map, St. George Church

We concluded our trip with dinner to a nicer restaurant, which had live music. In fact, the music was lively enough to even get some people into the dancing spirit. So the final night, though not involving any alcohol (contrary to Intrepid tradition) was still good fun with festive music and dancing.

Departure day, we had sandwiches again from our favorite sandwich shop in Madaba, Ayola Cafe before heading to the airport, for what would be a very interesting and probably very memorable experience.  Pictures from Jordan (again)

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