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A New Experience–Going to the Dentist in China

April 21, 2007 | Knowledge and Experiences, Uncategorized | by TofflerN

That’s right, I voluntarily went to the dentist in China.  No emergencies, no problems, not even any pain.  I just wanted to go to the dentist because my teeth were feeling quite grimy and drinking all that tea was really staining my teeth.  So I chose one that looked clean, safe, modern and said alright […]

Chinese work style differences and their cultural origin

Although Beijing is reputed to be a chatty city, I find that the Shanghainese like to talk a lot as well.  The Chinese just like to talk…well as least my colleagues do.  The Chinese leader does the talking in interviews, in meetings, and in sales meetings.  I find this very counterintuitive to Western ideas.  In […]

The Evolving City of Shanghai

December 17, 2006 | Knowledge and Experiences, Uncategorized | by TofflerN

Changes are certainly afoot in Shanghai. The neighborhood I live in, Xujiahui will soon be one of the crosshairs of local transportation in Shanghai. Already subway Line 1 goes through Xujiahui but they are planning to have 1 or 2 more lines also go through the same location. I don’t follow the development closely because […]

Transportation Pastimes

Having ridden the subway and buses over an extended period of time in the cities of Madrid, Barcelona, Hong Kong, and Shanghai, I find that the preferred activities engaged in during time spent traveling vary a lot between countries. I’ve survived the super-packed morning rush hour in Madrid and Hong Kong and the potentially even […]

Weddings & Leftover Food 婚礼 & 剩菜

November 7, 2006 | Knowledge and Experiences, Uncategorized | by TofflerN

By ‘attending’ 6 weddings over three days I was offered an additional insight into Chinese culture by watching this key cultural component of any society.  Chinese weddings in recent years have become more Western.  Traditionally the bride would wear red to symbolize prosperity and happiness; however with the interest in Western culture, modern brides in […]

Contract Negotiations

Having read numerous books and articles on contract negotiations in China, I thought I had a good familiarity with the process…until it came time to negotiate my own (employment) contract.  A common theme among literature discussing contract negotiations in China is after all the issues had been discussed and settled, the Chinese partner comes back […]