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Why not protest Kung Fu Panda?

June 21, 2008 | Knowledge and Experiences, Uncategorized | by TofflerN

This week before the China release of Dreamworks popular new film, Kung Fu Panda, an artist named Zhao Bandi and two friends protested outside the Beijing State Administration of Radio Film and Television offices. These blogs broke the story (in English) and while they were interested in laughing at the ridiculousness of the situation, I’m […]

T_bet – This is ridiculous

The whole situation with T_bet has gotten out of hand.  From the blocking of Google News and Youtube to the San Francisco torch protests, and the closing of the Nepal-T_bit border, including stationing Chinese security forces in Kathmandu (talk about national sovereignty & autonomy that China values so highly), to Chinese attacking Chinese who support […]

The Great Firewall of China

China’s internet firewall has been working in overdrive lately in the wake of the crackdown on the Tibet protests.  Last week Google video and Youtube (owned by Google) were down all week; Youtube came back online on Sunday.  Google News in English,, was even down for a day!  Last week, I also ran into […]

The Irony of clubbing at Mao, a club only in Shanghai

March 23, 2008 | Knowledge and Experiences, Uncategorized | by TofflerN

My Review of Mao Some people raved about Mao, others said it was too pretentious and snobby.  Those conflicting statements had me intrigued and when my friend offered guestlist=free entrance, I jumped at the chance to go check out the club everyone in Shanghai is talking about.  Arriving at Mao on Saturday night, even with […]

Olympics Advertisements, Oh My!

The number, type, variety, and frequency of Beijing 2008 Olympics’ advertisements is simply astounding. In the lead up to the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, I don’t remember nearly so many advertisements relating to the Olympics. Granted, I wasn’t in Georgia or even Atlanta, but then again, here I’m not in Beijing either. I was, however, […]

Is Beijing Ready for the Olympics?

February 26, 2008 | Knowledge and Experiences, Tourism, Uncategorized | by TofflerN

Global news media has widely discussed how well (or not) Beijing is preparing for the Olympics with regards to pollution control and infrastructure/superstructure development, but what about less widely publicized aspects of the preparation? Beijing doesn’t have the same problem Athens had, where its infrastructure and superstructure construction for the 2004 Olympics was so far […]

My new Favorite Chinese Airline is China Southern!

November 8, 2007 | Business Climate, Knowledge and Experiences, Traveling | by TofflerN

In my air travels both domestically within China and internationally on Chinese airlines, I have been incredibly disappointed.  After yesterday’s flight on China Southern, I realized I didn’t need to be disappointed with all Chinese airlines, just China Eastern and Air China, because China Southern does a great job and does things ‘right’ where the […]

Beijing Subway

October 23, 2007 | Knowledge and Experiences, Uncategorized | by TofflerN

Over the October National Day holiday, the Beijing Subway Line No. 5 opened. Now you can travel directly from Dongdan or Chongwenmen to Yonghegong (Lama Temple) without changing subway lines. And even better, they lowered the price! Now you can travel more places for less money! When does that ever happen–more for less money? I […]

Surviving China’s Scams

August 8, 2007 | Knowledge and Experiences, Tourism, Traveling | by TofflerN

As this 2008 Beijing Olympics are now less than 1 year away, its scary to think the number and types of scams perpetrated by Chinese on foreigners is only increasing.  Most of the following examples have actually happened to my guests when in Beijing or other parts of China, and a few are commonly reported elsewhere around […]