by Toffler




Since growing up in Phoenix, Arizona, I’ve lived in 8 major cities across the world (Shanghai, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Madrid, Hong Kong, New York City, San Francisco, & Beijing) and traveled to 65 countries. In addition to English, I speak Mandarin and basic Spanish, and basic Bahasa Indonesian. At USC’s Marshall School of Business, I studied international business. In China, I’ve worked in a Web2.0 startup, as well as tourism and hospitality. I also have a health/wellness business.

Just in case you hadn’t figured it out, my name’s Toffler and although I used to live in Shanghai, China, I’m currently in San Francisco, CA, USA. My hobbies include traveling, afternoon tea, tango dancing, and discovering new restaurants. I accomplished my goal of visiting all 7 Continents before my 25th year! I like to spend time with friends and family, but I also need my alone time.

I believe in the importance of entrepreneurship and in the value of going/traveling abroad. I also believe in the possibility of peace through tourism. One of the speakers at my 2006 Marshall Graduation ceremony made a compelling argument that business is the noblest profession.