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My Passport is Feeling Neglected

October 4, 2012, by TofflerN, category Entrepreneurship, Traveling, Wellness

After the year that 2011 was, where I didn’t stay in any place longer than 4 months and I often didn’t know where I’d call home the next month or even the next week, 2012 has been a HUGE contrast.  I haven’t left the US since I returned in early January this year. ‘Home’ has been well, home, in my parent’s house.  And while I have done some domestic travel, only 1 trip has lasted more than a week. From 2011 to 2012–talk about polar opposites!

And you know what, life has still been good.  Not that I don’t miss traveling, meeting new people, visiting old friends, staying in fun hostels, seeing amazing sites, and experiencing serendipitous encounters, but I’ve found a new passion and challenge in my wellness business. (More about that later.)

In 2011, I was in 12 countries across Europe and Asia, plus a smattering of countries in the Caribbean at the end of the year. It’s looking very likely the only country I’ll see in 2012 is <wait for it> the US!  After 5 years as an expat this feels like heresy!  But I’m already gearing up for 2013: Germany for a wedding in March, potentially Tunisia right after the wedding, and maybe China in February. So I’d like all my travel buddies to know, I’ll have international destinations back on my itinerary for 2013.

It’s the balances or contrasts in life that make us truly appreciate the good things. 🙂

As for this year, my life has been devoted to becoming a certified yoga instructor, importing 15000 boxes of Chinese tea, sharing the revolutionary benefits of the right nutritional supplements, and supporting my mom in her bid for AZ Corporation Commission.  All of that has kept me engaged and focused enough that I honestly haven’t really noticed that I haven’t been overseas this year. Now that’s saying something for someone like me who has traveling and international culture in their blood.

If you’ve missed my blogging, please come check out my wellness blog: World Vitae.  And if you’ve missed me on the international travel scene, I’d thank you to support me in my business by sharing or  That will help me be able to afford to travel again. 😉

Wishing you awesomeness and joy wherever you are!

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