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So-called Capitalism Isn’t Working

September 29, 2011, by TofflerN, category China News, Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurship & Business

While that’s a nice tagline, it should really say:

Corruption is working


Corruption is alive and well

When you have corrupt leaders in Africa who refuse to participate in the international capitalist system and instead hoard assets, engage in genocide and starve their peoples to death, this is not a failure of capitalism. This is corruption and a refusal of other nations to breach the sovereignty of said African nation.

Capitalism has raised millions of people in China and elsewhere in Asia and South America out of poverty. We’ve shown the failure of Communism. 50 years ago the Chinese kid would have looked the same as the African kid. While the current Chinese kid does not exemplify the ideal outcome, it is definitely a better outcome than his continuance in the situation on the left.

Capitalism certainly isn’t perfect, but then again nothing is. Everything must go through growing pains.

We need to think of the next stage as Compassionate Capitalism. This is an opportunity for entrepreneurs to solve problems of people, not of business, to work towards a better future for all and think of the triple bottom line (people, planet, profits-in that order).

If this picture inspires something in you, it is your responsibility as a world citizen to use the best tools at your disposal: you, your abilities, and entrepreneurship to take action and solve these types of global challenges. Grassroots level (i.e. with the entrepreneur) is the best place to start.

That being said, anyone of us could start the next Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation which does tremendous work to increase access to healthcare and education around the world. Or choose your issue, maybe it is clean water (such as charity:water), maybe it is starvation, maybe it is corruption. The point is, what are YOU going to do about it.


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  1. shirley |

    Compassionate Capitalism is a furffy that Bill Gates uses to dampen his guilt from operating Microsoft as a ruthless capitalist enterprise for 30 years. What he preaches now doesn’t match what he did to get rich in the first place. Turning profit enterprises into social enterprises won’t help anyone, but will damage the framework of democracy and free enterprise. However private citizens and non-profit groups can and do change the world, it’s up to you, but don’t push for a new-age compassionate business model – this is rubbish.

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