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Europe! And my 2011 plans until November

March 28, 2011, by TofflerN, category Tourism, Traveling, Wellness

While my last post summarized 2010 and only hinted at 2011, now I’m ready to start explaining what’s going on this year.

As you can see on my new health and herbs blog, the first 6 months of this year have been and will be (almost) entirely focused on studying Traditional Chinese Medicine.  I’ve decided to stay and complete the semester here at Zhejiang Chinese Medicine University, which goes until the end of June.

Then I’m taking the month of July off from intense studying, though I’ll keep blogging and working online, to go to EUROPE!!  It’ll be wonderful to see friends again (in Spain, Germany, UK, Netherlands, Luxembourg…).  I haven’t been to Europe since the summer of 2004!  Wow!  7 years!  Crazy!  I miss it.

Coincidentally in planning my trip for Europe, I came across a website offering cheap holidays, cheap beach holidays around Europe, to be specific. Maybe Jai, Ady, Helen, or Annie and I’ll hit up the beach while we’re there.  Tenerife or Turkey, anyone?  Helen had mentioned a Greek Islands cruise…  How awesome would that be? I do have another friend who’ll be down in Majorca in July as well.

Anyway, after July, I’m headed to probably one of the most famous beaches anywhere in the world: Bali, Indonesia for about 2 months.  But this is no longer holidaying; this is for studying Balinese traditional healing.  Keep an eye out on World Vitae for more abouttraditional healing and alternative medicine.

Then I’m planning for October and November to be in India studying Ayurveda.  I’m still looking for a more comprehensive and in-depth program there, to extend over 2-2.5 months for ~5-6 hours per day.  Any ideas, shoot me an email or comment below.

And that’s as far ahead as I can think now.

Keep an eye out on my WorldVitae site for an ebook I’m writing on healthier living inspired by Chinese Medicine and perhaps a companion iPhone app.


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