The Cleanse-Detox Program

Of course, there are various cleansing programs available and each person must choose the right one for them. When I’m going to detox, I’m going all in and choosing one of the most intense and effective. The below program is what I’ve done twice.
The program relies on the products from the Arise and Shine line of cleansing products, namely:

Psyllium Husk – to gently scrap debris out of the body
Bentonite Clay – to bind to toxins as they are released
— Psyllium Husk and Bentonite clay are mixed together to form a ‘shake’ and depending on its consistency it can be more like eating mud than drinking a shake and absolutely repulsive.
Chomper Capsules – to help break up debris and release toxins
Herbal Nutrition – to provide nutrition to the body in the absence of food
Flora Grow – to encourage the growth of healthy bacteria in the gut

Therefore, each day on this program you would take 5 shakes and 31pills total. Don’t take the bentonite clay within 70min of nutrients, herbals, etc as it blocks absorption of everything.   Depending on the where you do your cleanse, juice, coconut water, and vegetable broth may also be provided daily.  Obviously, there are no solid foods involved.

Most 7-day fasts include 2 colemas/day with a coffee solution, whereas 3-5day fasts only have 1 colema/day.  (Also known as colonic or enema.) It usually takes about 40-45minutes to complete this procedure.

A daily schedule might look something like this:

7:00 am Shake (Bentonite & Clay)
8:30 am Herbs (3 Herbal nutrition & 3 chomper)
9 am Colema
10:00 am Shake
11:30 am Herbs
1:00 pm Shake
2:30 pm Herbs
2:50 pm Fresh juice
4:00 pm Shake
4:15 pm Colema
5:30 pm Herbs
7:00 pm Vegetable Broth
8:30 pm Herbs
Before bed Probiotic

Yes, its very structured and you do need to be rather precise in your timings.  In many ways that’s good though, as it gives you something to follow so you don’t dream about food every moment and don’t procrastinate the parts you don’t like.

Its intense, but well worth it. And what else have you got to do sitting on the beach? And when you think about it, to not eat for 1 week out of your entire life, is really not that big of a deal.  It just sucks when that week is spent in Thailand, one of my favorite cuisines!

Read about juice cleansing at home on my health blog.

Cleanse Resort Comparison

Since I first mentioned my plan to go to Thailand and do a cleanse, many people have been asking where do you go? where do you recommend?

Actually I did my research before anyone asked, to help me make my own decision.  My main considerations were the program and the price, and to a lesser extent accessibility.  In the below comparison chart, I only listed resorts (mostly in Thailand) that offered the cleanse program I was looking for (more on that in another post).

This is only a very basic comparison, mostly focused on price and location.  Prices are in Thai Baht (currently THB35=$1) unless otherwise noted. Unless I’ve provided a range for accommodation prices, I’ve selected the cheapest accommodation option, assuming 1 single person.  The total cost is based on the cheapest accommodation and does not include any extras, only the program cost + accommodation cost.  The chart is sorted from cheapest total cost to highest.  And for us tech geeks, I’ve included notes on the wifi where I found it.

Name Location Program Cost of 7-day Program Accommodation Cost 7 Day Cost
Wifi – Y/N
Ananda Yoga Resort Koh Phangan 7.5 Day Detox 14,000 280-680/night 16,800 Y – Free
Spa Resorts Samui: Lamai Beach Ultimate Fasting Program 12,000 900/night 19,200 Y – Paid
Wellness Center
Koh Phangan: Haad Thien Full Fast 15,000 650-1150/night 20,200 Y – Paid
Ashtar Wellness Southern Thailand: Chumphon Detox Cleanse 34,800 (including 7nts accom) 34,800
Atsumi Phuket Arise & Shine Full Fast 30,810 5500 (7days) 36,310
Atmanjai Center Phuket Power Cleanse 26,500 2000 42,500 Y – Free
Atmanjai Center Master Cleanse 37,000 53,000
Absolute Sanctuary Samui: Choeng Mon Ultimate Detox 53,500 including accom 53,500
Malapacao Palawan Total Body Detox $1,819 65,000
Mandala Spa Philippines 117,445 Php +12% + 10% 106,000

I included a couple from the Philippines because I had thought Thailand wasn’t the only country in S.E. Asia who could do this and do it affordably.  As you can see from the prices, Philippines is much more expensive and not much information available online which indicates to me the industry is much less developed.  Indonesia also offers similar programs, but my cursory research into that indicated they were on the higher end as well.

I’ve done Sanctuary (Koh Phangan) and am currently at Ananda, therefore those are the only 2 I can compare in more depth, which I will do later.  Spa Resorts (Samui) was recommended to me.

Why I’m doing a Cleanse

So over the past week or so as I started mentioning I was heading to Thailand for detox/cleanse/fast (I’ll use the words interchangeably in the next series of posts), everyone asked: Why? Do you really live so crazily and unhealthily that you need to detox?

Me: Well, no.

But perhaps the better answer is: couldn’t we all stand to be a little healthier?

With which, I don’t think anyone would argue.  Cleansing has many benefits: revitalized immune system, weight loss, toxins cleared out, increased body awareness, greater appreciation of food, heightened sense of taste, etc.

I started fasting in 2006 doing short-term juice and water fasts at home.  While I didn’t have a whole lot of results with those, I saw the potential and knew I could get a lot out of a full detox program.  And during my first structured cleanse in July 2007, I did! and that was only 3.5 days.  Ever since then I’ve been wanting to come back to do the full 7.5 days.

The timing on this specific trip was prompted by a stomach virus I picked up (perhaps in Vietnam) in early November.  Through the span of the past 5 months I’ve had varying degrees of various symptoms.  Among the most long lasting and perplexing are my nails and hair not growing and bruises taking 6-8 weeks to go away.  Perhaps you wonder why I didn’t just see a doctor about this and save myself the trouble of a fast.  Well, actually I went to the doctor in the US and they told me, its a viral infection, there’s nothing we can do, drink more water.  That was in early January.  Here we are 3 months later…  So you can say this is my answer to, or rejection of, Western medicine and all its quick solutions.  (Don’t get me wrong, I also tried Traditional Chinese Medicine, and that only aggravated my stomach.)

Besides remedying this stomach virus, and all of the associated issues: digestion, hair and nail growth, etc, I also have high hopes for the fast to greatly enhance my immune system so that I can fend off colds, any stomach problems, and other ailments more readily.

The results (benefits) of my detox will be posted at end: at least 7 more days from now.  But as a foreshadow, here are some of the benefits I noticed after my previous fast of only 3.5 days: radiant clearer skin, brighter whites of the eyes, people telling me I looked youthful, energetic, and better than they’d ever seen me, and my personal favorite as someone who’s prone to getting either a minor stomach ailment (since living in Asia) or cold every month, I didn’t get even a little cold until 5 months later!  Therefore I knew my immune system had been strengthened in only 3.5 days.

I’m looking forward to the end result. :)