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Accommodation during our India trip

February 11, 2009, by TofflerN, category Uncategorized

Delhi-Dandoo Holiday House

We got off to an awkward start with this place. I emailed them for confirmation they’d hold our booking for our late night (1am) arrival and pick us up at the airport. But they never replied to my emails. We had to call to get confirmation. They were there perfectly waiting for us at the airport.

Then in the car on the drive to the GH, the guy was introducing India and telling us a story about people staying at the GH who’d gotten sick. Then proceeded to tell us because they didn’t check out we needed to change hotels. Both of our minds went . After understanding more of the situation, we convinced the guy we were going to stay at the place we booked, no matter what. Still, he kept insisting the alternate hotel would be better.

Later we came to realize, this probably wasn’t a scam. He, Fedo (sp?), was the actual owner/manager of the place and because the sick guests didn’t check out they were overbooked a room that night. (Um hello its already now 2am, who else do you think is going to arrive and need to sleep tonight?)

After we got past that, Fedo was very helpful and accommodating. He made up the beds into 2 for us and lent us a cell phone to carry around for the day just in case we got lost. They offered us breakfast and a choice of tea every morning. There was free internet (1 computer). The pickup/drop-off service to the airport is free on arrival, and on par with pre-paid taxis for the return. They brought us to an excellent but somewhat pricey restaurant in the neighborhood for dinner.

Certainly the place, particularly the bathroom and the linens, could have been cleaner. Its not very centrally located (10min walk to subway), but its nice to be away from the Paharganj area (eww).

The other people we met there were friendly and helpful. Guess it will be even more social when they open up the next set of rooms.

I’d stay here again and recommend it for people who want a friendly place with helpful service and a lower key atmosphere than Paharganj or a big hotel.

Although we didn’t do it, Fedo can also arrange car & driver for city tours, which sound like a good option.

Varanasi-Ganpati Guesthouse

Best advice, though, if this is your first time to India, manage your expectations, on EVERYTHING.

So, what do you think ?