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Videos from India

February 7, 2009, by TofflerN, category Learning through Foreign Cultures, Tourism, Traveling

The first video was shot in Varanasi, a Hindu Holy city situated along the Ganges in UP province.  It was taken during the 7pm Arti festival which celebrates the life-giving river.  You can see the production that’s put on and the crowd it attracts.



The second video was shot (somewhat illegally) inside the grounds of the Taj Mahal overlooking the Varuna River.  You can see how the Taj just glows in the early morning light.



The third and fourth videos are from a dance performance put on by the Indian NGO called Vatsalya, which helps get kids off the street and educates them, shows them love, and teaches them life skills.  The performance was part of a fundraiser event that included dinner to raise money for the NGO.

The children are wearing traditional Indian/Rajasthani clothes and dancing to popular Bollywood songs.  Themes of men and women and romance are wide-spread in Indian pop-culture, and are being played to in these videos.




So, what do you think ?