by Toffler



Time Zones

While I think most people know China is all on one timezone.  But a recent post on Wired mentioning both my home state (AZ) and my current country (China), necessitated a reposting. So here goes comparing Arizona’s and China’s timezone craziness.

Arizona is confused about daylight-saving
The state of Arizona doesn’t observe Daylight Saving Time. But it is the law in the Navajo Nation, located in Arizona’s northeastern corner. The Hopi Nation—situated inside the Navajo Nation—follows the rest of the state and disregards DST. So if you drive the length of Route 264 during the summer, you might have to reset your watch three times.


All of China is on Beijing time
China spanned five time zones until 1949, when the entire country was synchronized to the same hour. So when dawn breaks in Beijing at 6:43 am, it’s also 6:43 am more than 2,000 miles west in Kashi, where the sun won’t rise for another two hours and 45 minutes.

Wired – 3 Smart Things About Time Zones

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