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Video of Spanish faux pas

May 20, 2008, by TofflerN, category Learning through Foreign Cultures, Uncategorized

I made another video for my job, this time showcasing Spanish language faux pas. Yes, it’s a script and yes, it’s meant to be a joke. The explanation is below.


Girl: Oh, you want me to say it in Spanish. Alright. Bueno. Creo que soy bastante fluida.
ENGLISH: Good. I believe I’m quite fluid.
Error: fluida = fluid, not fluent.
Correction: Fluidez is the correct way to say fluent, not fluida.

Girl: Es porque empecé a estudiar cuando estaba en la escuela, cuando era niño.
ENGLISH: This is because I started studying when I was in school, when I was a boy.
Error: niño = boy, not child
Correction: Joven is the correct way to say young, not niño.

Girl: También tuve muchas oportunidades de práctica con mi vecino en mi cama.
ENGLISH: Also, I had many opportunities to practice with my neighbor in my bed.
Error: cama = bed, not house
Correction: Casa is the correct way to say house, not cama.

Girl: Sé que aún tengo muchos errores. Pero de eso se trata el aprendizaje de un idioma. Práctica, práctica, práctica.
ENGLISH: I know I still have many errors but that’s how it is learning a language. Practice, practice, practice.

Girl: Trato de usar mi Español en todas partes, como cuando estoy ordenando comida mexicana.
ENGLISH: I try to use my Spanish all the time, for example, when ordering Mexican food.

Girl: Me gusta chiquita pechos, chiquita fajitos, con un poco de sabrosos huevos. Mmmm . . .
ENGLISH: I like little (human) breasts, little fajitos, with a small side of flavorful eggs.
Error: Pechos = human breasts, not chicken breasts.
Error: What she refers to as fajitos should be fajitas, a typical Mexican dish of grilled meat served on a tortilla.
Error: Sabrosos huevos can be construed as testicles.
Correction: Pechuga de pollo is the correct way to say chicken breast.

Title: Aprenda un idioma extranjero
ENGLISH: Learn a foreign language

Girl: ¡Oh! ¿De verdad? Estoy tan embarazada!
ENGLISH: For real? I’m so pregnant.
Error: embarazada = pregnant, not embarrassed
Correction: Avergonzada is the correct way to say embarrassed, not embarazada. (List of false Spanish cognates.) 

So, what do you think ?