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B&Q Locations in Shanghai

March 8, 2008, by TofflerN, category Uncategorized

In an effort to make it easier for other people to find things easier on the internet, here is a listing of Shanghai’s branches of the British-owned hardware store B&Q.


* B&Q – Hutai
Address: No. 1800, Hutai Road (near Wenshui Road)
Tel: 6634-6262
Opening Hour: 8:30-20:30
Transport: 58, 705, 761, 767, 844, 845, 949, 959, 963 (get off at Yuqingqiao station)

* B&Q – Zhabei
Address: No.3228, Gonghexin Road (near Wenshui Road)
Tel: 3603-0099
Opening Hour: 9:00-21:00
Transport: Metro Line 1 Wenshui Road station

* B&Q – Yangpu
Address: No. 1616 Huangxing Road (near Songhuajiang Road)
Tel: 5505-6611
Opening Hour: 9:00-21:00
Transport: 538, 90 (get off at Huangxing Road station)

* B&Q – Meilong
Address: No. 2358 yindu Road (near Lianhua Road S.)
Tel: 5440-3999
Opening Hour: 9:00-21:00

* B&Q – Minhang
Address: No. 108 Gudai Road (near Hongmei Road)
Tel: 5493-8888
Opening Hour: 9:00-21:00
Transport: 946, 732 (get off at Hongmei Road station)

* B&Q – Jinqiao
Address: No. 518 Lantian Road (near Yanggao Road M.)
Tel: 3870-0008
Opening Hour: 9:00-21:00
Transport: 723 (get off at Yunshan Lu station)

* B&Q – Gaojing
Address: No. 700 Yingao Road W. (near Baode Road)
Tel: 5679-6611
Opening Hour: 9:00-21:00
Transport: Metro Line 3 Yingao Road W. station

* B&Q – Xuhui
Address: No. 118 Longwu Road (near Metro Line 3 Longcao station)
Tel: 6483-6611
Opening Hour: 8:30-20:30
Metro Line 3 Longcao station

* B&Q – Putuo
Address: No. 1318 Meichuan Road (near Zhenbei Road and Zhenguang Road)
Tel: 5250-1000
Opening Hour: 9:00-21:00
Transport: 837, 947, 827 (get off at Zhenbei Road station), between Decathlon & Metro

* B&Q – Pudong
Address: No. 2101 Longyang Road (near Metro Line 2 Longyang Road station)
Tel: 5033-6611
Opening Hour: 9:00-21:00
Metro Line 2 Longyang Road station, Next to Decathlon


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  1. Emily |

    Thanks for this info! I just wanted to let you know that another expat found it helpful. I was looking for the nearest B&Q and your site turned out to be the only helpful one.

    I ended up reading pages of your past postings and ended up checking out a RTW trip with plans to post my ABC list on my blog in the future. Thanks for the enjoyable read.

  2. Jenn |

    I would also just like to drop a note to say thanks! Found this information very useful as the B&Q website is a bit difficult to navigate without Chinese understanding!

    Thanks again!

  3. visitor |

    Some of these stores have been closed, I just got back from long wu road, the store isn’t there anymore.

  4. Robert Small |

    This is great by the way. Helps alot.
    I am coming to Shanghai to set up a small exhibition.

    Does anyone know if you can get planed pine (song song?) at B&Q in Shanghai? Also do they have a cutting service?

    Thanks alot,


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