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World renown for hot beaches, sexy bodies, and even sexier nights.  Does Miami live up to its reputation?  Yes.The Beach in Miami

Saturday night Isabel, her friend Jenna, some other friends showed me the South Beach, Miami Saturday night scene.  We started at local Love-Hate, then went to the trendy and posh Delano pool-side bar, and finally on to dance-like-a-rockstar Cameo.  Love-Hate was a good place to start the night except for the price of the drinks!  I thought drinks on the cruise were expensive: $7.50 + 15%, but that’s to be expected on a cruise.  At Love-Hate, they were even more expensive: $10 for vodka-redbull!!  I almost fainted when I found out how pricey the drinks were. I wanted to return it.  My friend said ‘that’s normal for South Beach.’  Oh jeez.  Apparently you have to wealthy and hot to party in South Beach.  As the night got later, think 1:30am, we moved on to the Bar at the Delano, one of the most famous and deluxe hotels in South Beach.  The Delano was full of gorgeous people, 80% of whom Jenna speculated did not live in Miami.  The thing to do at the Delano is get a ‘table’ though really more like a lounge-bed poolside.  There were even people sitting at a table in the pool.  I liked the scene and particularly the good people watching, but the friends had another idea: time to dance like crazy.  And the two best places to do that are Mansion and Cameo.  We ended up at Cameo and with a poundin’ dance floor and rockin’ music that’s just what we did.  What surprised me about Cameo was how many (apparently straight) guys were actually dancing, I mean fully rockin’-out.  I asked Isabel about it later and she said, hey Latinos love to dance.

Speaking of Latinos, Miami has to be the most bilingual city in the country.  Almost all jobs, including lawyers, requires the applicant to be fluent in both Spanish and English.

Sunday we went back to South Beach to brunch at Lincoln Road and people watch along this pedestrianized shopping area.  We also went to the beach and while it was much too cold for me to don a swimsuit, there certainly were other people tanning in bikinis.  We had a good day hanging out in South Beach and I can certainly see the appeal though it’d take a big budget to truly do South Beach right.

Another highlight of my visit to Miami was seeing Viscaya.  This waterfront mansion was built in the early 20th Century withViscaya, Miami all the furnishing and decorations straight out of Europe.  It is comparable to Hearst Castle in California or the Museum of Decorative Arts in Buenos Aires.  It’s really spectacular and it seems I wasn’t the only one who thought so since when we were there, a girl was having her wedding photos taken.  We also had a little Cuban food at Versailles on Calle Ocho, the heart of Cuban Miami.  At this time though, it seems more generically Latin American including Mexican and Salvadorean restaurants.

The weather was perfect the whole time I was in Miami.  Miami boasted blue skies with little white clouds and temperatures in the upper 70s with low humidity.  It was great to see Isabel and catch up after more than a year.  She was the most selfless and gracious host.  Thanks for everything, Isabel!

Photos from Miami

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