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Antarctic Dream, Day 9-11: Suffering Drake’s temper, again

December 17, 2007, by TofflerN, category Tourism, Traveling, Uncategorized

The return crossing was much worse than the going. Things were flying and rolling across the room again but to a much greater degree. It was impossible to take a shower because you couldn’t stand up without being thrown over. People were even tossed out of their beds during the night. I, on the other hand, did not leave my bed for 2 days, holding my stomach, and taking my seasickness pills. I constantly dreamt of being on dry land. Later it was reported that the ship had, at times, been at an angle of 29degrees. Laying completely flat on my bed on the 3rd floor (out of 4), I could see only ocean and 3seconds later only the deep gray of storm clouds.

“Some of us are over the seasick stage and no long want to die.” — Hartford after 10days on the ‘Nimrod’ with Shackleton in 1907. This was one of the quotes in the daily program during the return crossing of the Drake Passage and I found it particularly apt.

Fortunately, by dinnertime on the 10th day we’d reached a area in the north Drake Passaged sheltered by a group of islands, so I was able to make it to the final Captain’s cocktail party and dinner. This was a real treat, especially after 2days of not eating. The pastry chef went all out–I mean, he must have made 15different kinds of cakes, pastries, tortes, even ice cream and a fruit plate. It was gorgeous just to look at, you can’t imagine what it was to eat it. 🙂Desserts on Antarctic Dream

Arrival day back in Ushuaia was accompanied by further disorganization, snow, and wet luggage. Still, it couldn’t dampen our high spirits at what a wonderful trip we’d just completed to Antarctica!

Antarctica was an incredible experience, inexpressible in either words or pictures. Normal travelers experience people and culture when visiting new places, but our best friends in Antarctica were wildlife and ice. Antarctica is still untouched, pure, pristine, a captivating, gorgeous place.

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