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Antarctic Dream, Day 7: A long day at sea and then…

December 17, 2007, by TofflerN, category Uncategorized

A passenger needed to be air evacuated so we made the very lengthy and time consuming trip all the way back north to the South Shetland’s King George Island, the only place in Antarctic with an airport. We were told many countries had bases along there including, Great Britain, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, China, and Korea. Nonetheless, the only ones that were allowed off was the couple, so the rest of us just marveled at the bases from a distance.

After they were taken to the airport and subsequently flown to Punta Arenas, Chile, we started back south so that we could make another landing that evening. After dinner we had our first landing in two days at Yankee and was everyone happy to be getting off the ship. Cabin fever had started to kick in; granted, this was a shorter time than the crossing of the Drake Passage but because it was unexpected and the ship was no longer a novelty, people were getting antsy for a land excursion.

At Yankee Harbor we saw a number of Weddell Seals as well as more Gentoo penguins and my first (and only) Adelie penguin–also very cute! This beach was interesting because the tide was actually strong enough to make the waves break and there was very little snow on the actual pebble beach. Therefore if you just looked at the beach area it was no different to a pebble beach anywhere else in the world, except that penguins roamed around!Weddell Seal

Photos from Antarctica

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