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Antarctic Dream, Day 6: Lemaire Channel

December 17, 2007, by TofflerN, category Tourism, Traveling, Uncategorized

In the morning we passed through the Lemaire Channel, popularly known as Kodak Gap since its one of the most scenic and photogenic places on the whole voyage.  This passage is 1-mi wide at its narrowest and from a distance doesn’t even look open.  In fact, most of the year, its so covered with ice that its impassable.  It was gorgeous.  Lemaire Channel

Later it was announced that the ice conditions were very favorable, ie there wasn’t too much ice, and so we’d make a push to cross the Antarctic Circle.  Anticipation was high as we made the foray toward the Antarctic Circle, as this is a big symbolic marker in Antarctica.  However the ice quickly thickened and we couldn’t go further so we turned back northward.

A post-dinner movie kept us up till 11pm (announcements for breakfast start at 7:30am) and were we in for a treat!  A peak outside indicated there was a nice sunset.  Venturing outside, a bit too underdressed, I found I’d seriously underestimated, it was a spectacular sunset!  Layers of colors ranging from purple to orange glowed over sheer snow covered rock faces.  It seemed a bit of an anomaly to me to find such a vibrant sunset at 11pm, but that’s the wonder of Antarctica.

Sunset in Antarctica

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