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My new Favorite Chinese Airline is China Southern!

November 8, 2007, by TofflerN, category Business Climate, Knowledge and Experiences, Traveling

In my air travels both domestically within China and internationally on Chinese airlines, I have been incredibly disappointed.  After yesterday’s flight on China Southern, I realized I didn’t need to be disappointed with all Chinese airlines, just China Eastern and Air China, because China Southern does a great job and does things ‘right’ where the other two don’t.  For example:

  • China Southern did NOT make me walk on the tarmac in Beijing in 40degree F weather
    • CE & AC always let you freeze (or roast as the season may be) and waste your time by making you walk on the tarmac and then take a bus for miles to the terminal because they are too cheap to pay for a gate & a jetway
  • China Southern’s PA announcer spoke English well enough and clear enough I could actually understand what she was saying
  • China Southern’s plane was the newest plane I’d been on in a very long time
  • China Southern gave me a comfortable amount of leg room such that I wasn’t squashed into the seat in front of me
    • My last flight on AC was so crammed that I couldn’t open my laptop fully even when the seat in front of me was upright
  • My bag arrived on the carousel before I’d even gotten there!  Perhaps this is only a compliment to the fact that China Southern actually had a gate, but still it’s great service compared to the normal 15-20min wait I have with CE & AC.

China Southern certainly deserves praise.  My only 2 complaints were, the food was not very tasty (which I think is because of the airport catering company, not the airline catering company) and the flight was late (only 20min though).  All-in-all, I’m very pleased with China Southern and I’m glad to know that some airline in the Chinese airline industry differentiates itself positively.

So, what do you think ?