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Round the World: 1st week a blur around Santiago, Chile

November 29, 2007 | Tourism, Traveling, Uncategorized | by TofflerN

After a long flight, followed by a brief 20 hours in Los Angeles where I shared a couple of meals with a few dear friends (it was great seeing you!), followed by another long flight, finally I arrived at my first stop of trip: Chile.  In LA, I picked up my Dad, step-brother Allen, and […]

Departing on a Round the World Trip

November 17, 2007 | Tourism, Traveling | by TofflerN

Tomorrow is the day I start my 3 month around the world trip! It feels like its been ages in coming, but actually I’ve been planning for a very short time compared to many people who spend minimum 1 year up to many years planning their RTW trips. In fact, it seems like I did […]

My new Favorite Chinese Airline is China Southern!

November 8, 2007 | Business Climate, Knowledge and Experiences, Traveling | by TofflerN

In my air travels both domestically within China and internationally on Chinese airlines, I have been incredibly disappointed.  After yesterday’s flight on China Southern, I realized I didn’t need to be disappointed with all Chinese airlines, just China Eastern and Air China, because China Southern does a great job and does things ‘right’ where the […]