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How to stop the Chinese staring (and photo taking)

September 18, 2007, by TofflerN, category Uncategorized

When in a situation where you’re being stared at constantly or being photographed simply because your hair is a different color and you have a ‘da bizi’ (big nose), try this perfect antidote: pull out your camera and seek revenge through the lens.  The Chinese don’t like having their picture taken by people they don’t know anymore than we do, so they’ll quickly turn away.  You can try staring back at them, but garaunteed they’ve long out practiced you at staring contests.  Therefore the only sure fire away to alleviate the long hard gaze or many furtive clicks is to have your camera at the ready and shoot away should they continue to be persistent.

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  1. Reilly |

    I find that staring works just fine. But not any old kind.
    Here’s how to win a staring contest every time broken down into a few easy steps.

    1. Walk right up to them and bring your face to just within focusing range of theirs.

    2. Glare malevolently into their eyes with an expression of utter rage on your face.

    3. Snarl “Ni yo wentee ma?”

    Works every time. Of course since I stand 6’2″ and weight around 210 lbs that might also help. 🙂

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