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Rock Climbing in Yangshuo!

September 2, 2007, by TofflerN, category Tourism, Uncategorized

Rock climbing in Yangshuo was awesome! We used a company called Karst Climb and though I’d frequently eaten at the associated restaurant, Karst Cafe and Pizzeria, I had never seriously considered going rock climbing. Then some of my group got excited about going and compared the prices and reputation of the three main rock climbing companies in Yangshuo: China Climb, Spiderman, and eventually chose Karst Climb.

We met the manager, a great local girl named Echo and the climbing instructor, an Aussie named Simon and then set out at 9am fully equipped with shoes, helmets, harnesses, ropes, chalk, etc. It happened to be raining that morning so we thought that would put a dampener on our plans but they had been through this situation before and knew where they could take beginners that would be sheltered from the rain and sun. Brilliant! We didn’t need to cancel our plans. These rocks had obviously been climbed before because they had rings screwed into them for attaching caribeners.

As the first beginner to give it a go for the day, I had to summon the courage to find my footing, stretch my arms and push myself up. After that initial hoist, it got easier and quickly I developed the confidence and felt capable of reaching the top! Exciting! What a sense of accomplishment! After I repelled back down, I thanked Simon for starting us out on an easy section so we could build confidence and faith in our ability before moving on to more difficult sections.

Everyone easily made it to the top of the first section and most people mastered the second as well. It was a great half day and definitely one of the best activities I’ve done in Yangshuo. I highly recommend climbing with Karst Climb and I look forward to the next time I can go rock climbing!

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