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Would hate to be a (would-be) Chinese traveler

August 24, 2007 | Tourism, Uncategorized | by TofflerN

It seems the Chinese have it tough when it comes to international travel. First of all, most of my Chinese friends have barely been ventured further than the 2 provinces nearest to their hometown.  Those that have are lucky if they’ve been to Hong Kong.  I point this out because Hong Kong is a different […]

Surviving China’s Scams

August 8, 2007 | Knowledge and Experiences, Tourism, Traveling | by TofflerN

As this 2008 Beijing Olympics are now less than 1 year away, its scary to think the number and types of scams perpetrated by Chinese on foreigners is only increasing.  Most of the following examples have actually happened to my guests when in Beijing or other parts of China, and a few are commonly reported elsewhere around […]

Olympics Behavior?

August 7, 2007 | Uncategorized | by TofflerN

Though I received a fair bit of criticism for my entry titled Responsible Tourism in Reverse: Educating the Chinese, I do not think I’m totally in the wrong. Consider the following excerpts from an article in City Weekend, titled: One Year and Counting: With just one year until the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Jonathan Haagen takes […]

Quick Recommendations–Bangkok

August 6, 2007 | Tourism, Traveling, Uncategorized | by TofflerN

Eating/Drinking Marvel at the view & enjoy cuisine from some of Bangkok’s best chefs at Central Chidlom Food Loft. Live the high life (literally) and splurge on drinks at the Rooftop Bar of the Banyan Tree Hotel. Activities Dress very conservatively while admiring the splendor of the Grand Palace. Feel the wind in your hair […]