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A curious question to my Chinese readers

July 11, 2007, by TofflerN, category Uncategorized

The way Chinese can acquire money is something that’s recently struck me as quite curious and if any of my Chinese readers has an explanation for it, I’d be quite grateful.
1) Money can be earned, legitimately from business, jobs, etc
2) Money can be acquired by begging for it, particularly on the sidewalks in Xi’an, Beijing, Shanghai.
3) Increasing in frequency, money can be gotten via theft and pickpocketing, notably in Xi’an.
4) Excessive amounts of money can be acquired by knowingly perpetrating scams against foreigners and by otherwise ripping them off.

However, the Chinese will not pick up and keep money found on the ground, nor will they keep money found laying as if lost. What is it in the culture that allows Chinese to rob, steal, beg, or scam for money, but will not take money that has been seriously left or lost?

So, what do you think ?