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A curious question to my Chinese readers

July 11, 2007 | Uncategorized | by TofflerN

The way Chinese can acquire money is something that’s recently struck me as quite curious and if any of my Chinese readers has an explanation for it, I’d be quite grateful. 1) Money can be earned, legitimately from business, jobs, etc 2) Money can be acquired by begging for it, particularly on the sidewalks in […]

Split Pants & Unimaginable Places

July 9, 2007 | Uncategorized | by TofflerN

Perhaps you’ve heard of the split-pants phenomenon in China. Children under the age of 3-4 years do not wear diapers. They have a slit down the crotch of their pants so that they may relieve themselves freely. I’ve seen children, both of the split-pants age and older, urinate in just about every place imaginable. I […]

Responsible Tourism in Reverse: Educating the Chinese

In my job as a tour leader in China, I have developed a secondary purpose for myself.  Beside fulfilling my role and duties as a tour leader, I’ve also started educating Chinese people as to Western standards of politeness, appropriateness, and generally just good behavior.  Undoubtedly this sentence reads as very arrogant and culturally insensitive.  […]