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Rolled over HazMat Truck

June 25, 2007, by TofflerN, category Uncategorized

Truck & Cranes

While on the highway on June 11 between Fengdu (a Yangtze River town) and Chongqing (the largest city in China) we were held up for about 1-2 hours because a truck carrying hazardous materials skidded off the highway, presumably from either rain-slick roads or the driver falling asleep and had rolled over into the center barrier. We watched from about 50-100 feet away as they sprayed water on it (to keep it cool & not explode?) and used 2 cranes to lift it up and onto a flatbed tow-away truck.Water being sprayed on truck Lifting the truck Finally the truck is lifted and you can almost read what it is

Just so that my pictures aren’t exclusive they also had photographers on-site. Photographers on the scene
It was an interesting situation and a not uncommon China experience to be held up on the highway for hours.

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