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April 18, 2007, by TofflerN, category Traveling, Uncategorized
View over Yangtze in Wuhan, thick with pollution

This past trip took me through Wuhan (Hubei Province) for the first time and I’d like to share a few observations. Wuhan was one of the dirtiest, soot-covered towns I’ve ever seen. The silt had settled on every flat surface and some was as much as 2 inches thick. There was so much pollution in the air everything was in a neutral color. The densely particulated air had toned down the otherwise bright colors.On getting an aerial view of the city, I saw there is some very thoughtful planning at work as much of the land is green with vibrant trees, shrubs, gardens, and roadside plants. I don’t know that the plants will remedy all the industrial pollution but it helps and adds a little appeal to the city.Green countryside of Hubei

Wuhan also has some of the nicest, most modern and appealing housing complexes I’ve seen anywhere in China outside of Shanghai.

So, what do you think ?