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Cab drivers’ ‘Knowledge’

February 24, 2007 | Uncategorized | by TofflerN

To become a London cabbie, you have to learn what is called the Knowledge: the location of every street within a 10km (six-mile) radius of the centre.  This takes years of part-time study.  If you fail the exam, you do not get a license.  — The Economist What a great idea!  I wish that was […]

Condé Nast’s Dream Trip Contest

February 20, 2007 | Traveling, Uncategorized | by TofflerN

Part 2 of my entries to CN photo contest of memorable moments in travel. Here are my next entries.  Take a look at them and then vote 5* for them! Thanks! More photos to come An Angel Above Luminous Laos The tourists’ break My Venetian Art Portrait of a Butterfly Watching, waiting, readying What I […]

Booking hotels/air tickets online

February 19, 2007 | Tourism, Traveling, Uncategorized | by TofflerN

People ask me where should we stay in Shanghai or elsewhere in China. While I’m partial to my hotel in Shanghai, if our hotel is full or for other locations in China, is a great site for reading traveler reviews to help you pick the best hotel. Once you’ve selected your hotel, check out […]

Fireworks to scare the spirits away

February 18, 2007 | Uncategorized | by TofflerN

Enjoying the New Years dinner with my friend and her family was a fabulous experience, trying to get home was not. As I mentioned, New Years is also like the 4th of July–that’s because of the fireworks.  Though fireworks are technically illegal in China, that doesn’t seem to stop anyone from trying to scare the […]

Not all that glitters is gold in China tourism

February 10, 2007 | Business Climate, Entrepreneurship & Business, Tourism, Uncategorized | by TofflerN

As I mentioned in the blog below, there are certainly issues that need to be worked out in China’s travel/tourism industry.  In the following article, these are elaborated on, even to the point of suggesting they are real problems that could undermine China’s ability to grow its tourism industry. Tourism Skills Shortage in China […]

Chinese work style differences and their cultural origin

Although Beijing is reputed to be a chatty city, I find that the Shanghainese like to talk a lot as well.  The Chinese just like to talk…well as least my colleagues do.  The Chinese leader does the talking in interviews, in meetings, and in sales meetings.  I find this very counterintuitive to Western ideas.  In […]

Condé Nast Traveler’s Dream Trip Contest

February 3, 2007 | Tourism, Traveling, Uncategorized | by TofflerN

A new photo contest from CN encourages people to upload photos of memorable moments in travel. Here are the details Enter the contest to become the Next Great Condé Nast Traveler Upload a “memorable travel moment” – a photograph that you took, along with a brief explanation of what you’re sharing and what makes it […]