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Happy Holidays

December 21, 2006, by TofflerN, category Uncategorized

Well as of Friday morning, I’m exchanging the humid cold and pollution of Shanghai for the humid warmth and clear blue of the Caribbean. I begin my journey with 25 hours of airplanes and airports including 5–that’s right, count them, 5–airports ending in Fort Lauderdale, Florida late Friday night. It always amazes me how you can leave in the morning, fly for 20-some hours and still arrive at your destination the same day.

Then my family and I will embark on our Christmas cruise around the Western Caribbean, where I’ll be marking J (Jamaica) off my alphabetical list of countries. Besides enjoying time with my family, I’ll be soaking up the rays, appreciating the indulgence of non-Chinese gourmet cooking, staying warm without 4 layers, an overcoat, gloves, scarf, and hat, recovering my health, donning sunglasses, and relaxing, shopping, and site-seeing. Oh, I can’t wait!

After a week cruising Princess around the Caribbean, I’ll return to Phoenix for a week of catching up with friends and the other half of my family, taking care of various necessities, and celebratin’ New Year’s Eve in style! Anyone knows what’s goin on for NYE in Phoenix, hit up my cell phone (old number) or email me. I look forward to catching up with everybody for the week I’m in town and cheering on the USC Trojans in another Rose Bowl!

If you’re a Shanghai reader and already missing me, not to worry, I’ll be back to endure the cold with you in Shanghai on January 7th.

And with my departure time rapidly approaching (though not nearly rapidly enough), it’s time to wish everyone, including my anonymous readers, a very Happy, Healthy, and Safe Holiday Season.


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