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December 20, 2006, by TofflerN, category Uncategorized

Well as many of you know by now, a large part of my job is outside sales, including cold calling. So one day when I was out making sales calls in (one of) the consulate district, we decided to try to call on a couple of consulates we didn’t have appointments with, including the … Consulate General of … Cuba!!!

Why on earth does Cuba need a consulate in Shanghai? I’m not even sure that Cuba needs an embassy in Beijing. There can’t be that many nationals going between the two countries, especially since Cubans aren’t allowed to leave their country and if Chinese want to visit Cuba, they can’t exactly go through the US. Also, considering Cuba is still a tightly controlled economy, I doubt there is much trade between the two countries. Not to mention, I’m not sure where Cuba would get the money to support a consulate Shanghai. Well my skepticism was well-founded: the Cuban consulate informed us they haven’t held any meetings, banquets, or other events in years and basically almost never have people come to Shanghai, but they’ll take our info nonetheless. When briefly stepping into their office, it was far smaller than any other consulate I’d been to in Shanghai, dingy and fairly worn down, and would be lucky if even 2 people worked there.

Overall, a very curious experience to know about and then actually go to the Consulate General of Cuba in Shanghai.

—————————————————In October, I ordered a product online from a company called Beach Audio located in southern California and then had it shipped to my address in Phoenix. Subsequently, they sent me an email asking how their service was, but since I hadn’t personally received the product I didn’t respond. Then in mid-November when my mom brought me the product, I found out there were some problems with it. I contacted them about possible remedies and there was no response. Grrrrr. I sent them another upset email trying to garner some response. This time I received a fairly quick and honest reply stating that they didn’t have the product that I had ordered and instead they would issue me a full refund! Yay for an honest online company. This was even well after their refund and exchange period had passed, so I’m quite glad they offered me a refund. It seems the effort paid off and the situation was remedied, though I am still looking for that specific product. Though there handling of the situation wasn’t perfect, it was enough for me to strongly consider ordering from them in the future, and I think that speaks well given there are so many online audio accessory retailers.

—————————————————-It seems networking has finally paid off. I recently had a shopping customer who didn’t find my website directly but had my service recommended to him by a friend. Although he was Australian, his Swedish friend suggested it to him, but it was another Swedish friend who first knew about it. This is a bit curious to me as I don’t recall meeting any Swedish people and promoting my business to them, but hey, I won’t argue with it! Shopping clients anyway they find me are great! And word of mouth is even better because it carries more validation and people believe it to be more trustworthy. Yay for networking and new clients for my business! 🙂

So, what do you think ?