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October 23, 2006, by TofflerN, category Knowledge and Experiences, Tourism

Yesterday I was reading my friend Stephanie Cheng’s blog and she talked about a friend of hers having a goal to visit a country that started with each letter of the alphabet.  My goal has always been to go to every continent, but why not also check the alphabet and see how I’m doing.

She questioned whether places like Macau and Hong Kong are considered countries or dependent territories.  Also, similarly can you count England and Northern Ireland separate from the UK?  I came to a different conclusion than she did (source: the parts of the UK are not separate but Macau and Hong Kong can be counted separately.  But when you have countries like China, do you list it under [P] People’s Republic of China or [C] China?  I’m going to list them by their common name, rather than the formal name.

A: Austria (Republic of Austria)
B: Brazil (Federative Republic of Brazil)
C: China (PRC), Czech Republic, Canada, Croatia (Republic of Croatia), Chile (Republic of Chile), Cambodia (Kingdom of Cambodia)
D: Denmark (Kingdom of Denmark)
E: Estonia (Republic of Estonia)
F: France (French Republic), Finland (Republic of Finland)
G: Greece (Hellenic Republic), Guatemala (Republic of Guatemala), Germany (Federal Republic of Germany)
H: Hungary (Republic of Hungary), Hong Kong (Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China)
I:  Italy (Italian Republic)
J: (I’ll have J on Christmas Day)
L: Laos (Lao People’s Democratic Republic)
M: Mexico (United Mexican States), Malaysia, Monaco (Principality of Monaco), Macau (Macao Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China)
N: New Zealand, Norway (Kingdom of Norway)
P: Portugal (Portuguese Republic), Poland (Republic of Poland)
R: Russia (Russian Federation)
S: Singapore (Republic of Singapore), Spain (Kingdom of Spain), Slovakia (Slovak Republic), Sweden (Kingdom of Sweden)
T: Taiwan, Thailand (Kingdom of Thailand), Turkey (Republic of Turkey)
U: United States (USA), United Kingdom (United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland)
V: Vatican City (State of the Vatican City)

Well it seems like I need a trip through Africa and the Middle East to finish my list.  But 38 countries so far and only 8 letters to go is pretty good.  :)  Is there even a X country?  According to, NO.  But then again, it seems to me they forgot Zaire.  With no X country, that means I actually only have 7 letters to go, and 6 after Christmas.   Anyone up for a trip around the Middle East?  Maybe I should go visit Stephanie…
By the way, is where I got all the full titles.  So guess what that means!  Luke was right: is unblocked in China!  I wonder if its unblocked because Taiwan is listed as part of PRChina. ? ? Interesting…


  1. Brian |

    They didn’t forget Zaire… it doesn’t exist anymore. It’s the Democratic Republic of Congo now 😛

    and don’t you love how the least democratic countries have “democratic republic” in their longform name?

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