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Establishing a New Blog

September 22, 2006, by TofflerN, category Uncategorized

Well although this website was much easier to setup than my other one (, it has been utterly time consuming, and obviously I still have some kinks to work out. Nonetheless, here we go…

When I first mentioned the idea of going independent and severing ties to xanga, my friend Luke told me, if you’re going to do that and have decent traffic, you need a theme. And no, your life is not interesting enough to be a theme–thanks Luke. Well, I’ve done my best to figure out a compromise between Luke’s sound advice and my and my readers’ interests. As such, I’ve come up with three overriding themes that will also be divided into subcategories. Therefore, if only one theme appeals to you, you may sort by that category and read only those posts. Anyway, they are:

1) Knowledge and experiences from living in a different city, ie Life in Shanghai, or whichever city I happen to be living in

2) Entrepreneurship and Business

3) Tourism: a) Learning through Foreign Cultural Immersion; b) Travelling; c) Peace through Tourism

I hope these topics will be suitable and I look forward to your readership and your comments.

So, what do you think ?